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Jewelry Manufacturing Process



Lost wax casting is very complex and technical process which requires great skill. We have top of the line Schultheiss casting machine that produces remarkable casted pieces. Every piece is further checked for any signs of porosity before it is sent ahead for sprue cutting and grinding.

Filing and Assembling

All excess metal from casting is removed by buffing, sanding and filing sharp edges to smoothen all surfaces. Any jewelry piece with multiple components or findings are also assembled in this stage with solder or laser techniques.

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Princess Cut Diamond

Diamond & Color Stone Assortment

Our diamond and color stone assortment team is well acquainted with our clients specifications of cut, color, clarity and carat. Based in Jaipur, the Gemstone Capital of the World, we can procure gemstones and diamonds at the most competitive prices, benefit of which is passed down to our clients to boost their profit margins.


Our setters are highly skilled craftsmen with an exceptional eye for detail. We have a diverse range of setting styles such as prong, pave, pressure, channel, bezel, flush, bead and miracle plate to name a few. Each diamond and color stone is properly secured in a style that enhances the beauty and brilliance of the stone.

Polishing ring



Buffing and polishing are both done to bring out the high luster and shine of the metal. Our polishers also use string polishing method to ensure every minute hole and filigree has exceptional polish finish. Most of the pieces undergo pre-polish as well to polish the collet seats before stones are set. Every piece is put in ultrasonic cleaners and under steam to completely clean it before sending it for plating.


Rhodium plating is carefully done to add a sparkling whiteness to the piece that not only gives it a reflective appearance but also improves its resistance against scratches and tarnish.


A Captivating Craft

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