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Mines To Market

Rough Emerald Stones_edited.jpg

Rough from the Mines

We have a legacy of over hundred years in cutting and polishing gemstones in Jaipur, the gemstone capital of the world. We are honoured to be Gemfield’s Authorised Auction Partner and ensure procurement of responsibly sourced, ethically mined natural gemstones to our atelier.

Gemstone Cutting & Polishing

Our artisans breathe life into rough stones of nature through consummate skill and ancient craftsmanship. Accumulated through generations of expertise and carried down through careful practice, an immaculate skillset is used in the unique processes of Nishaan: marking of stones, Taar: cutting, Ghaat: making facets, and Ghisai: friction polishing.

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Endless Colored Gemstone

We use more than hundred precious and semi precious color stones and therefore are able to cater to our clients’ specific color stone jewelry requirements. We deal in all range of color stones from commercial to exclusive and from calibrated to custom size.

The Perfect Cut

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