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Product Design & Development


Design Conceptualization

Our design team is a melting pot of creativity and they have the ability to always stay one step ahead. Our designers extensively research the global fashion movements before starting the creative process of designing. After multiple iterations and experimenting with design forms, we come up with most unique collections that go on to create market trends.

CAD Model

We have a huge team of experienced CAD-CAM designers who churn out the most efficient 3D models of the designs. Every piece of jewelry is designed with razor-sharp precision to fit our clients’ requirements of price points, diamond and gemstone weights, metal thickness and setting styles.


3D Printing CAM Model

Our in-house 3D printing machine allows us to reduce our product development lead time and allow faster deliveries. 3D printing CAM models has allowed our designers to completely customize designs as per client needs and obtain an absolutely precise wax model to work on.

Master Making and Wax Model

Our model makers are highly skilled metalsmiths that create precise master models, which upon approval from the client, is used for cutting out a rubber mould. We maintain a huge mould bank for our high volume orders that allows us to quickly produce several wax models via wax shooting. The wax models are further prepared into wax trees ready for casting. 


3D Rendering

We can provide exceptionally high quality, realistic 3D renderings that can be used as product images for ecommerce storefront or to create graphical digital content. We can do renderings in multiple angles, metal colors and color stones.

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