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Meticulous Quality Control

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Authentication Check

We take pride in using industry's leading diamond testing De Beers' Synth Detect XL machine to authenticate and verify the genuineness of every diamond set in our jewelry. We also focus on using responsibly sourced, conflict free, ethically mined natural diamond and colored gemstones. We do not treat any stones to maintain its natural composition, however, if we use any treated stones, we always disclose it to our clients.

Laser Soldering

Absolute quality control is ensured through the integration of complete end-to-end QC process from one department to another. Our laser soldering process ensures no piece of jewelry has any porosity or weak links. 


Laser Marking

We provide laser marking, engraving and stamping services as per the need of our clients. In our private label program, we encourage our clients to get their company logo marked on the piece of jewelry to further corroborate their brand identity.

Final Quality Control

Every piece is meticulously checked under microscope until all parameters are met before it is dispatched from the facility. We always surpass our client’s expectations by creating exceptionally high quality jewelry and that too at a significantly lower costs than conventional industry standards which has allowed our clients to significantly boost their profit margins.

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